The Cottage Days of Summer

Where has the summer gone? I always feel this way as September nears. Do you as well? When the weather was just warming this season, I wrote an article called Cottage Days for the Edmonton Senior and Calgary Senior Newspapers. In the article I interviewed two energetic women about their experiences owning a cottage and hosting friends and family over the summer. I have been a guest of both women and know they are examples worthy to be followed.

Image from Edmonton Woman Magazine website.

Image from Cottage Days article, Edmonton Woman Magazine website.

Please click on the link here to read Cottage Days.

This summer my family spent some time in a “cottage” of our own. It was a wood-walled A-frame cabin with a sink and toilet and a place to sleep. It was cozy… and when I say that, I mean small – but that is what I loved about it. We only hung out in there at bed time as we read our books and snuggled into sleeping bags.

There is something magical about cottage days, escaping it all and reducing the needs to a humble few.

Have you ever vacationed at a cottage? What was your experience like?

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