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Everyone needs to be inspired.

Alexis Marie Chute is a professional writer who LOVES helping other people and has developed concrete and creative strategies to propel any writer into the inspired life of their dreams. It’s no flash in the pan; this is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. Alexis Marie will give you the needed kick in the pants to get your butt in the chair and your hands pounding the keys – because that’s what it’s all about.

Alexis Marie is gentle and approachable, encouraging and attentive. She knows how to give constructive and truly helpful feedback in a compassionate and caring manner. She will walk beside you on your writing journey, giving you the confidence to never give up and the technical skills and tools to be a success.

Alexis Marie Chute can help you:

  • Break free of writers block
  • Tap into the wellspring of your memories
  • Realize the full potential of your creative imagination
  • Craft stronger prose
  • Edit your work
  • Write about your work
  • Create your writer’s platform
  • Utilize social networks and market yourself
  • Use visual imagery in your work and for promotion

Alexis Marie’s philosophy of gentle guidance combined with wild energy will have you reeling with writerly delight. Due to the evolving cycle of a writer’s growth, you will begin with a minimum of three sessions with Alexis Marie which she will custom tailor to your specific needs following the initial consultation.

Typical sessions are one hour but may be lengthened by request. Each session is valued at $200 CND.

Contact Alexis Marie Chute, or 780.499.4311, to be inspired today. Seriously, now is the time to find your direction and discover your voice. 

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