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Alexis Marie Chute copyright Imagery eye candy

Alexis Marie Chute embarked on her creative life in a very well rounded sort of way. Not only is she a fabulous writer but also an acclaimed visual artist and photographer. Her work has a long exhibition record and she’s been honored with many awards, not to mention published all over this beautiful world.

Bottom line, Alexis Marie is a creative chameleon that LOVES a challenge. Commission her with whatever your wildest dreams can imagine and she will bring your concept to life in vivid color (unless you want B&W) and two-dimensional glory (unless you want 3D – sheesh, make up your mind).

Want a fashion illustration for your look book? Need a digital collage to depict the journey of a travel article? Want a hot cover photo for your publication? Whatever your needs, if you crave super sweet eye candy that will make your intended audience hungry for more, Alexis Marie’s your gal.

Alexis Marie is an artist of many mediums. Commissions are welcome in these areas:

  • Illustration
  • Drawing
  • Digital art
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Collage
  • Mixed-media art
  • Sculpture
  • A rad concoction of any or all of the above

Contact Alexis Marie, or 780-499-4311, for your next project and satisfy your sweet tooth. You know you want to.  

Click here to check out Alexis Marie Chute’s visual art.

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